Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter in Yuma and a prodigal's return to blogging #sol18

It's been cold in Yuma, - 7° when I woke up this morning, up to 20° during the day and back down to 12° now. Excuse me if I seem obsessed with the temperature, wind too. I have breathing problems and winter walking can be a problem. I stay in, watch conditions for best time to walk. It's time to change the green, green blog banner photo for something more seasonally appropriate -- not picturesque snow because we haven't had more than a moderate dusting. Gray sky, yellow grass and bare branches are less aesthetic but more representative. This one should do nicely.

Image result for winter yuma colorado

If not the best time of the year for old wheezer walkabouts, it is a good time to write, do online research and take courses. I registered for two Electronic Village Online TESOL workshops and if not behind yet, will soon be but enjoying the mental exercise and global conversation.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A #sol17 places along the way anniversary reflection

morning walk on Main St, flowers and reflections in windows

…Two years ago this week, I arrived here in Yuma CO from Mountainair NM. Time to reflect on the past two years, where I am now -- and what's next.

moving related images: vintage overloaded truck, buried in packing boxes, clearing out meme

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July #sol7

Yuma fireworks were last night, city and a multitude of private, unofficial ones. This image is not one of them, but from Cheyenne WY. I was at a private one ~ my daughter's in-laws. We also watched the city from the front porch. No local photos are online yet. At least Wyoming is an adjacent state and Cheyenne closer than Denver.

fireworks-620-x-3490_64373381-5056-b365-abb0e9fe00c0124c.jpg (620×349)

Today I took the day off, staying in out of the heat.  I sent out digital holiday greetings, many with links, and changed my Facebook cover pages, my front porch tumbleweed gracing my Life at the Manor (and points west ~ which would include Cheyenne) page. Somehow that seemed a holiday thing to do, even if not the usual new leaf holiday.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#SoL17 at home, inside & out

~ coping with a cranky keyboard and erratic compose screen, I was off to an even later start blogging than usual due a longer than expected phone call.

I walked just once around the perimeter ~ a short one, minus iPhone in case of rain. So I used the time to think about today's blog post. What did I defer from last one? Guerrilla educationist and digital citizenship. Too bad the computer did not cooperate.

What pictures would fit? Above, my "home office" ~ laptop on a small tray table, small sofa next to a window (the chair is for Chaircat Mao), oil painting by Megan Lemcke. Below, the marble Manor marker + decorative foliage on the corner of Elm and 3rd Avenue.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

On staying cool #sol17

…I missed blogging last week but commented on half a dozen posts. This morning, beginning at the end, I set up and revised my footer. Taking my morning walk late for a day turning hot, I walked close to a mile, caught a few pictures and made it back before overheating.

Cedar Ave, Yuma CO: backyard as folk art installation complete w/pick-up tree house
Cedar Ave, Yuma CO: backyard as folk art
installation complete w/pick-up tree house