Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday #sol & life in the #Manor #YumaCO

…opening aside to Manor residents: this is a post on my personal blog. Since I live here, Tuesday Slice of Life posts are likely to reference High Plains Manor. Don't take post content out of context or for more than it is. You are welcome/invited to join the conversation directly by commenting here or on the life in the Manor (and points west) Facebook page. 

Dear Tuesday #twtblog Slicers, no guarantee, but I'm back, at least for this week. I've been writing ~ copious email, 750wordsonline conversations by comment on blogs and social media ~ but neither blogging nor willing to give up on it. Yuma Colorado catch-up is about a sliced as my life gets these days. By way of explaining the opening aside: apparently my Manor named Facebook page confuses some Yuma Housing Authority residents, so I am still reminding them about my Yuma project speaking for anyone but myself. Explaining the confusion and context would probably make a good post.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This week at the Manor

#YumaCO, will be a weekly feature. Today it it's #sol16 too. All activities are in the High Plains Manor common room unless otherwise noted. Tentatively. the weekly feature will focus primarily on the Manor. The Rural Community Resource Center has a lunch event Friday that I already shared on Facebook and will post about separately. You can also follow blog posts as well as other Yuma and Northeast Colorado items on Facebook at Life at the Manor and points west.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

#sol16 liberation, local interests

Down the rabbit hole but not back up. Not right away. That's one explanation for the gap. My last post was 3/4/16. I didn't plan to miss days but strep is making the rounds. Miss a day blogging and you are ineligible. That's what I mean by liberation. Posts and comments are of my own volition, a retirement perk like crashing early and sleeping in late whenever I want or need to. I am now liberated to write when and what I want and comment on posts as I like, whether or not I post. Geas begone. Allo flânerie digitale. Wherever it may take me. 

Cover photo, West Yuma Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

So where did it? Back to where I already am. Yuma, Colorado...in case you were wondering about my choice of image.

Friday, March 4, 2016

#sol16 Day 4: another day down the rabbit hole

the one we call internet. I started to write "black hole" but, even considering its darker sides, it's not that.

For the independent learner, it's the ultimate open LMS. More chaos than order, the M might be out of order. An oxymoron. You can learn a lot from attempting to organize chaos. Frustration. Patience. Persistence. Resignation.

I went down the rabbit hole today doing just that. Ate up the day, it did. So this is all old sol gets. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll try the looking glass, explain how it's the ultimate PLN.

Slice of LIfe  Participating in SOLSC 2016:  Write. Share. Give. Join the March Slice of Life Story Challenge @ Two Writing Teachers 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

#sol16 Day 3: meanderings, digital flȃnerie

today's experiment in slicing is exploring the SOLSC slicer as digital flȃneuse: ongoing observations, links, images as the day goes along. A continuously interrupted narrative of my day ~ more shreds than slices ~ making multitasking work for me.

I curate many interests. Along the way, I encounter links, some from searches others by chance. I start with either Diigo or OneTab. The latter spares me having too many windows open at the same time. As topic bundles fill up, I save and bookmark them to Diigo. Even so, the bundles, collections or random accumulations, get ahead of me. This morning I started my curating day on the processing end
Per Formo, untitled, digital image for print on canvas, 2012, exhibited at DRIFT: Flânerie in Contemporary Art, curated by Dr Judith Duquemin and Anke Stäcker