Saturday, September 17, 2022

In the news: Beto O’Rourke on Abbott & DeSantis

...Busing Migrants, Abortion Ban, Gun Laws & Voter Suppression

Sep 16, 2022 Beto talks about Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis busing migrants to other cities, solutions for illegal immigration, campaigning door-to-door, voter suppression in Texas, the school shooting in Uvalde, the need to pass sensible gun legislation, and Greg Abbott’s dangerous abortion ban.

Selected Videos, an experiment to improve audio

Today I'm trying an experiment that involves remembering how to do something, embed video in a blog post, that I used to do often but haven't done in a long time. Aha, turns out there's a button right on the toolbar. But I want the most recent video, and it isn't coming up using the button,  so I'll embed one that is and try a code workaround to get the one I want. In the process, I'd like to figure out what I did wrong with the embed code. That didn't work it's not happening -- at least not yet.

Figured how to get the latest video that didn't turn up using the button. I copied the video URL to the to search. D'uh. Now to add introductory copy about the videos -- both here (like so many recent videos) are about DOJ and Mar-a-Lago document stash.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

from the #HighPlains: This week at @SeniorPlanet Colorado

Getting back into blogging the easy way by sharing newsletters...
Senior Planet Colorado Newsletter
January 17-21, 2022

Lectures and Open Tech Sessions 💻

Senior Planet Colorado is having open "Tech Talk" sessions as a follow-up to our Tuesday lectures, so you can continue to ask questions! Open tech sessions are different from lectures and classes, so come prepared with questions for our Senior Planet trainer.

Lectures: Tuesdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM MT
Open Tech Sessions: Thursdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM MT

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Colorado #2021YearInReview at a glance

...H/T @ProgressNowCO, republished in toto from PNC "Week in Review" email newsletter
Our deliberately oversimplified glance at what's happening in Colorado.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rolling out April one #sol21 Tuesday at a time

Coming off a month of a slicing, I'm back for Tuesdays because I don't want to lose the writing momentum. I can manage that. And writing 750 Words a day on top of that. And something every day for National Poetry Month -- not writing poetry though. I tried that one year and made it to day 5. 

National Poetry Month 2021 poster, design by
Bao Lu, Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn

Just reading more poems and doing digital poetry bombing is a better fit for me. Non-digital poetry bombing had a relatively short run, 1998-2016, and could make a comeback. Broadsided Poetry fills the gap. What else?

Right about now is when I get in trouble and start down the road to writing less instead of more. It's not these but all the usual I'm adding them to. 

Slicing with Two Writing Teachers one Tuesday at a time

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Last slice... | #sol21 Day 31

 Made it through the month. I wouldn't go so far as to call 31 days of slicing and commenting the cure for pre-post-pandemic anomie (the contemporary version of a fin de siècle malaise) but it helped get me through the month and maybe even jump started dead blogging batteries. 

Illustrating "Yeats, Kipling, and ‘fin-de-siècle malaise’" in OUP blog

Today, was the HUD inspection, that's done. Was not up to getting as much done as hoped but did make a start and even substantial dent in decluttering and reorganizing. Whether I keep on with it is as much hoped for -- and in the air -- as blogging. 

On past last slices...turns out I skipped a challenge between 2015 and 2017, so this will make my fourth SOLSC not fifth. Either that or there was something wrong with my fingers when I came up with five counting on them. As for the 2017 last slice, I posted a selfie holding a small poster with a six word memoir, "Save the last slice for me").  This time I considered adding the "31 Day Writing Streak" badge but decided final slicing would not complete without the commenting (whether or not I comment more tomorrow and check WP Reader for reactions and replies). 

I'm tired, ready to curl with some good slices and call it a day.

It’s the last day of the 14th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge

to get more fresh last slices while they're still hot!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Penultimate slice, blogging on, places along the way etc | #sol21 Day 30

Welcome to the penultimate post. By tomorrow I may even have a handle on a workable post-challenge daily blogging routine, hopefully one I can adapt for a reasonably consisting blogging routine.

from ITV video about Egypt's new capital

On my radar (not to mention inbox and social media feeds): places along the way, highered austerity/academic labor disaster porn and the post-pandemic rolls on). As you can see from the pictures, I'm going for door one. From Giza, Egypt to Quarai NM...old stones. 

aerial view of Quarai ruins

Blogging on, minor modifications aside, I remain a late night slicer, channeling my inner night owl, battered as it by age. Setting up the day's draft with partial title (| #sol21 Day _), basic labels and footer in the morning saves time come the pre-deadline rush. Sometimes I have enough early notes to work with, other About TWT advice to late night slicers: TY and very sound but no one following it is a true Pantser challenging their inner owl. 

Wrapping up, TWT seeks SOLSC 2021 feedback... questions include "How many years have you participated in the March SOLSC?" and "How has participation in the Slice of Life Story Challenge impacted you as a writer (and/or teacher of writers)? 

Tomorrow, SOLC 2021's last slice. Bring on the graphic


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