Sunday, May 13, 2018

What happened in the #Colorado governor’s race this week @CoIndependent

The week that was in the Colorado governor's race: Speed dating, money-raking, and a campaign 'under new management'
This week found the candidates reveling— or not— in their new fundraising numbers, which became public. Meanwhile, one gubernatorial hopeful went through a campaign staff overhaul, and most of them spent a day speed dating (no, really) with unaffiliated voters as TV cameras rolled.
There are 46 days until the June 26 primary and the race hasn't yet captured national attention.
It was four months ago when Frank Bruni of The New York Times dropped in and left Colorado saying our race is "the country's most interesting, bringing together an eclectic cast whose fates will speak volumes about what kind of candidate — young or old, male or female, entrepreneur or technocrat, affluent or not — voters want in the aftermath of Trump's election."
That will likely change in the coming weeks as national reporters train their eyes on our square, swing state to see what kind of Democrat and Republican is catching fire.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Top stories this week in the @CoIdependent


Former Anadarko brass slam company,
alleging safety risks, callousness & more
Editor Susan Greene broke the story on allegations made by six former Anadarko employees claiming the oil and gas giant ignored safety concerns leading up to last year's fatal home explosion in Firestone.
Data journalist Sandra Fish does the numbers — the campaign finance numbers, that is. And they're eye-popping. It's all there, right now, on our 2018 Governor's Race page. Don't miss it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A #sol18 Tuesday: last dental, an April blizzard & the tumbled tumbleweed

photo of snow covered tumbleweed at my Manor front porch
snow covered tumbleweed
…just past midnight, unimaginable to be starting a blog post so early. Writing later in the day is even more unimaginable. Today is major dental day ~ the last extraction (3 incisors) and bridge installation. But for the inevitable follow-up, it's the final step in a long procedure.

So here's the 3-part, minimal word plan:  fill the page with Friday 13th April blizzard pictures, the latest episode in tumbleweed saga. Close with slice footer. Voilà! My first and last early morning slice...

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday already #sol18

…feels like only a few days I was doing this every day, maybe because it was. I had a few days of watching evening TV while not simultaneously working the laptop keyboard. It's been too windy here to walk much. Sunday, Easter dinner with family, pranked my grandsons with fake eggs. As mentioned in my last post, I put rocks in the plastic Easter egg shells so they wouldn't blow away. Oops, forgot to tell the boys. April Fools!

Monday I spent some of the day loafing, some setting up April writing, Camp NaNoWriMo. I'll let you know how that's going next Tuesday.

Today, was catching on curation backlog and general blog-keeping. I re-purposed (or would that up cycling?) one, deleted three blogs too long out of use and pains and hard to format the way I want for what I need -- still have too many blogs though.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Save the last slice for me #sol18

Today is the last day of March and this year's blogging challenge. Tomorrow is Easter and April Fools Day.  I decorated for both: put plastic Easter eggs (rocks inside to keep them from blowing away) under the tumbleweed and sat La Calavera Catrina in her Easter apron on the porch.

Now for today's slice, a reflection or what next? If both, I should have started sooner. Last slice indeed. I thought about both, made notes.

#Colorado News: this week from the @CoIndependent

…by way of an experiment to facilitate sharing this weekly Saturday morning update to my Manor Facebook page because this weekly update doesn't come with a permalink and I keep losing track of which day the link appears on the website -- intending to check then forgetting until the next one lands in my email inbox. For now, I'll send to drafts in case I need to edit layout or html code for formatting. If the newsletter displays well without reformatting tweaks, I'll change the setting to publish automatically.

This week's top stories

Friday, March 30, 2018

my penultimate slice for #sol18

…starting (as is oft my wontl) from the end and working backwards: once settled on the word "penultimate" in the footer, I looked for images, visual prompts. Penultimate, a  June 12, 2011, Language Log post by Mark Liberman came up, tagged Linguistics in the comics, it includes panels about students and a teacher using the word -- and 78 comments. I'll share a few panels with commentary. You're on your own for the rest.

Sometimes more is less. In Frazz for 6/6/2011, Caulfield is frustrated that Mrs. Olsen is among those who think that the first syllable of penultimate is some kind of emphatic particle

Mrs. Olsen is apparently not as dumb as she sometimes seems — though the direction of the difference is always in doubt:

Lagniappe: finding Language Log again. Have another Frazz and Mrs Olsen, Syntactic analysis and folding fitted sheets on me -- or just go straight to the archive for "Linguistics in the comics".

penultimate slice of pizza

Two Writing Teachers host a weekly Tuesday and an annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC), of which this is the 11th iteration. During March, participants write and share daily blog posts on the TWT blog; then comment on three or more blog posts by other participants. Writing, sharing and commenting, are central both challenges. Read more from this penultimate day.