Tuesday, January 30, 2018

around #Yuma, #Colorado & the Nation

Yuma CO dentist's office, exterior
Yuma Family Dental
…for #sol18. Today (not over yet) has been a long one that included a trip to the dentist for the next stage following last year's multiple molar extractions: two fillings and a mold taken for an upper bridge. Next, good-bye top incisors, especially the big crooked, snaggled one, attached memories not withstanding. After that, hello bridge.
me at home 1/30/2018
at home this evening, webcam selfie

By spring, I'll be willing to smile for a camera, participate visibly in a +Virtually Connecting Hangout, raise my hand to +Bryan Alexander for #FTTE Forum podium time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Life at 🏠 in #YumaCO 🚜 & online 💻 #sol18 ☀️

…too cute but I'm going with it anyway. Changing the blog header image for something less green, I renamed the blog (reflections) as well and added a brief description, "…on life at home, in my head, and online."

winter snow at High Plains Manor, Yuma, Colorado
View from my backdoor yesterday, January 22, 2017
Naming the blog "Vanessa Crary Vaile" seemed like a good idea at the time -- signaling personal identity and transparency --but grated on me over time. It did not display well on social media shares either and made me feel as though I were wearing an over sized name tag or even a placard hung around my neck. I still like the idea behind that naming -- even more when discreetly downsized to a note on the sidebar. 

This morning I'm reflecting on blog keeping (not the same as blogging), winter in at the Manor, being a guerrilla educationist, retirement, health, weather, snow, aging, life in senior public housing, rural development, and local community involvement. All fit somewhere in home, head or online. Depending on what emerges in ramblings (aka free writing as rough draft), I'll narrow it down for the final draft. I already started with home. Let's see where that takes me...Manor, weather, snow.

Needless to say not walking as much although at least taking short walks unless weather and other breathing considerations keep me in. This time of year I take more pictures closer to home.

This morning from my front porch,

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter in Yuma and a prodigal's return to blogging #sol18

It's been cold in Yuma, - 7° when I woke up this morning, up to 20° during the day and back down to 12° now. Excuse me if I seem obsessed with the temperature, wind too. I have breathing problems and winter walking can be a problem. I stay in, watch conditions for best time to walk. It's time to change the green, green blog banner photo for something more seasonally appropriate -- not picturesque snow because we haven't had more than a moderate dusting. Gray sky, yellow grass and bare branches are less aesthetic but more representative. This one should do nicely.

Image result for winter yuma colorado

If not the best time of the year for old wheezer walkabouts, it is a good time to write, do online research and take courses. I registered for two Electronic Village Online TESOL workshops and if not behind yet, will soon be but enjoying the mental exercise and global conversation.