Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#SoL15 musings on moving, #clmooc, #adjunct blogging

…#RWTblog, #EdBlogNet…but still ignoring the other. Tumbling and social media writing don't count here.

Add procrastination. Tagged for both #sol15 and #adjunct. Check. Evasive multitasking by hashtag. Tagged for #clmooc, hold the apps. Check. There is a limit to how many/much I can wrap my mind around or juggle at one time -- and am already dropping too many as it is.
Beautiful Sliced Fruit-Shaped Adhesive Notes
Sliced fruit sticky notes: a Japanese office supplies novelty by d-bros
As usual, I have no idea where this will take me but now have a habit of starting with an image. Serendipity rules more often than not: what catches -- and pleases my eye. I saved slice images on the last hard drive: TWT logos, fruit, pizza, bread, etc. Dexter is the most popular result googling Slice of Life images. I haven't been in that kind of mood. Not yet.

This morning I had a topic in mind, no doubt about moving, book and other triage, but forgot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#SOLSC: life slicing and sorting puzzle pieces

…This Tuesday's SoL image,"Slice of Life," is a 500 piece puzzle. Life is a puzzle.

I don't know how many pieces mine has. By now I've lost more than a few, possibly too many to reassemble a complete picture. They've spilled out of the box, rolled under furniture, been played with, carried away and hidden by the cats.

Now with a move coming on, I have to pack up some, but not all. Which ones do I take, re-home, throw or just leave behind? That's a daunting amount of pieces to sort, real or psychic -- sometimes both.