Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday #sol & life in the #Manor #YumaCO

…opening aside to Manor residents: this is a post on my personal blog. Since I live here, Tuesday Slice of Life posts are likely to reference High Plains Manor. Don't take post content out of context or for more than it is. You are welcome/invited to join the conversation directly by commenting here or on the life in the Manor (and points west) Facebook page. 

Dear Tuesday #twtblog Slicers, no guarantee, but I'm back, at least for this week. I've been writing ~ copious email, 750wordsonline conversations by comment on blogs and social media ~ but neither blogging nor willing to give up on it. Yuma Colorado catch-up is about a sliced as my life gets these days. By way of explaining the opening aside: apparently my Manor named Facebook page confuses some Yuma Housing Authority residents, so I am still reminding them about my Yuma project speaking for anyone but myself. Explaining the confusion and context would probably make a good post.