Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week2: #rhizo14 Diigo group

…from the Nomad War Machine
…Jan26 weekly post, courtesy of Diigo's ever so useful auto-blogging feature. Otherwise, weekly course blogging would suffer mightily. I almost managed one yesterday. When flash crashed the browser mid-post, I took it as an omen and desisted. Today, I was going to embed and introduce the Week 2 Enforcing Independence YouTube clip with the comment about this being oxymoron week but realized that has been every week so far...both of them.

no, not declaring yet—still orienting
As I mentioned last week, I've been thinking of other ways and places to use the feature. Although the intro/commentary + something visual is a good basic model, I'm still experimenting before taking it on the road with another blog. What then, I wonder, would be the odds of getting Joe Berry to use it for COCAL Updates...slim to none I suspect. That's being too optimistic. Is this a digression from the rhizomatic path? Indeed, but what could be more rhizomatic than that? The path is never straight or narrow. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

from the Diigo #rhizo14 group (weekly)

…first try with Diigo auto-blogging feature works nicely, even if format aesthetics leave something to be desired. No pictures but I can "fix" that by remembering -- or trying -- to post a few images during the week and, especially, one Saturday evening. There are also a lot of links and annotations, making for a long post. What I need to do then is come on Sunday morning -- like now -- to add a head note, image, page break, whatever...

course image
By way of quick recap, this is Week 1 of Dave Cormier's Rhizomatic Learning ("the community is the curriculum") on P2PU. Our mission for this week has been to declare, connect and get acquainted, with a special assignment, cheating to learn. "Headquartered" (pomo irony intended) -- extreme oxymoron alert) on Dave's Educational Blog ("education, post-structuralism and the rise of the machines") and the P2PU course page linked above, Rhizo L has outposts (colonies? independent affinities?) on G+, Facebook, multiple blogs (like this one among many others) and throughout the twittisphere at the #rhizo14 tag. A rhizomatic network indeed!  

PS the next mission (this week's, starting today) is to mobilize our twitter-connecting and review Week 1. And now...onto the abundance of links, annotated pages (some at least), tags, discussion (in the Diigo group)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a new look for work & life

…I took down the barbed wire and changed the graphic to reflect re-purposing, not that W&L was ever 'purposed' in the first place. The barbed wire didn't background bother me but did raised the occasional reader cringe outside southwest rancher country. Besides, it hardly fit Rhizomatic Learning (essence of free range, don't-fence-me-in openness), MultiMOOC or anything EVO

So first comes the re-purposing, then the redecorating, introduction (of sorts), and the declaring. That post is underway....busy spreading roots... popping around to the FB groups and G+ Communities, populating my feed reader with #rhizo blogs, noting and greeting familiar faces. and the more visual/Vizify vcv bio should cover that while I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here anyway...let alone wtf was I thinking? signing up for a clutch of x's

Sunday, January 5, 2014

#Learning: Work or Life?

…This blog needs a job, so I assigned (drafted) it to be my #POTcert blog. It fits blog title and mission: teaching and learning have been such a significant part of my life that I can't let of them even in retirement. Learning, like digital ankle biting, makes a fine retirement obsession. Better than tatting or quilting. Besides, who knows, I just might do some good with both.

POT = Program for Online Teaching; whereas, "cert" is for the certificate I am not interested in. The course cover tools and pedagogy of teaching online. I expect discussions and links garnered from G+ to further illuminate course reflections.

After two years following, I missed the 2103 fall semester due to access and connectivity problems. Now I have high speed (cringing at the prospect of installation and winter heating bills decimating my SS pittance) and am looking forward to catching up with the edtech I could not always access let alone run. Both courses will be sources of help with glitches and answers to questions.Overall, the EVO (Electronic Village Online) workshops tend to a more congenial atmosphere because they are less workshops or courses that part of a Community of Practice.