Tuesday, October 27, 2015

another down to the #TWTblog—been doing #CEW2015

…digitally, from a distance, so this will be short. Writing something is better than nothing. Somebody else already blogged that today. Maybe I can just show a film, like those teaching days you are at a loss for something to do in a class. But at least this video by my friend Bradley Rettele (who started it before National Adjunct Walkout Day) related to what I've been doing. 

And I still need to comment on two more posts and answer replies to my last post. Better get flying on the Infobahn...won't be before midnight EDT though. On the other hand, I got 1200+ on 750 Words

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

filling the book cases = really moving in

short version catch up, emphasis on the final stage. I moved into my apartment at High Plains Manor, Yuma CO, mid-July. I've been acclimating, orienting, exploring and such. The apartment furnishing was spare and basic -- minimalist. Bookcases and boxes books finally made it out of my daughter's garage and over here.