Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#DigCiz 2017 & another #sol17 Tuesday

and now to  at the very least  think about blogging in general and today's blog post in particular. For now, I'll read and comment on other Tuesday blog posts. As (or if) post ideas come to me, I'll throw them at the compose screen until one sticks. Templates are always an option. I've been saving ones I like but tend to forget about them come blogging time. I've been thinking about these today:

view of cabins at Slatter's Court, Davis CA

Develop "places along the way" post about Slatter's Court (above) where I lived 1993-99 when in grad school at UC Davis.

Reflect on #DigCiz 2017 and invite #TWTblog/gers to join the conversation. It started today with sharing #4wordstories on twitter to initiate "conversation about what good citizenship means in participatory spaces for #DigCiz" with elements of/questions about spectacle, participatory spaces, citizenship, authentic but respectful communication

Image result for digital citizenship, showing use of social and digital media on different platforms and devices

That led me to alternatives for citizenship/being a good citizen: Mensch, mentsh, Mentshlekhkeyt (Yiddish), Humanitas (Latin for the ultimate colonialist, imperial version), φιλανθρωπία (Greek philanthrôpía, loving what makes us human), humanist. Why not just plain human? What are the comparable words in other language families? Indigenous and other non-European languages?

Parts of this rambling reflection/thinking in text ended up in a 150 word comment (awaiting approval) on Bonnie Stewart's blog post, "The Crosshairs of the Split Hairs: #digciz"

So notes on what to blog turned into the post itself -- another ramble, disjointed and mostly about this iteration of the recurring #DigCiz conversation. Another time I can write another, separate post just about Slatter's Court, Davis and graduate school at UC Davis. Now to add another image and get this puppy posted.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

thinking about #sol17, the week, hanging in there & blogging

…not just here but on my other blogs. The March challenge lifted them up some but not as much as hoped. Reading and commenting on blog posts and social media is still up and holding. That matters just as much and may be even more important. Just now, reading Melanie Meehan's sol17 post reminded me of the importance of just getting going when you're overloaded and bogged down. That I am.  Speaking of overload, I could have blogged about 'guerrilla educationist' projects -- should have and will. Today though, a head transplant sounds more appealing.

pop art eye
The past week has been a combination of unseasonable weather and healthcare, starting with the second (left eye) cataract surgery last Friday. Sinusitis hit Sunday. It's hard to think about anything but my sinuses. Yesterday too. Today is better. Marginally.

Since I've been without for years (actually, more like several decades), I'm playing catch-up. General wellness, eyes, breathing (down to 38%, just started that), and teeth.

So hey there sinuses draining into my root canal, wait your turn.

Slice of Life blogging challenge badge for free for all, unplanned blogging e.g. by the seat of your pant

Post-March slicing moved from daily to weekly with Tuesday slices. Same submission schedule. Late Night Slicer, Pantser and perennial procrastinator by habit and inclination, I quit worrying and embraced my inner owl and free for all blogging by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it turns out better than others. Whatever your writing clock and blogging tendency,  slice  and share any or every Tuesday. 

Read today's Tuesday slices here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

around & about #YumaCO & back to the #Manor Tuesday #sol17

started with going out my back door past the rosebush (last year's photo) to walk to monthly #LYC meeting this morning at the Rural Communities Resource Center (RCRC or just "Resource Center). LYC or Linking Yuma County is an informal group of county organizations, agencies and volunteers sharing information and coordinating efforts. 

Afterwards, I stopped by Hardware Hank's across the street to add a small cultivator to my minimalist gardening hand tool collection and pick up something for the geriatric rosebush outside my back door. I'm not a gardener, but the rosebush and a companion with cream roses have been here longer than any current resident and survived two years with me. Time to step up my game. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

aging is as aging does #sol17

collage of diverse senior head shot avatars
While most teachers in the SoL blogging community are dealing with the end of the school year and planning summer, I have no student work to process, and summer is just another season for the retired. So I enrolled in a Future Learning online course, Strategies for Successful Ageing, from Trinity College, Dublin. That last should explain the spelling anomaly. 
Find out how staying happy, healthy, socially-connected and active can help you age successfully, with this free online course....This course is relevant for adults who wish to acquire strategies for successful ageing. No previous experience or qualifications are required.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

(mis)adventures with an iPhone Tuesday #sol17

Image result for iphone 5sI'd tell you more about them if, a) I had started sooner, and b) I weren't still having them.

The short version: my son gave me an iPhone 5s. Although I have been online since the early 90s, blogging since 2006 and social media soon after, this is absolutely my first mobile device. Not even an old style un-smart cell phone. Everyone I knew online had one and many may have assumed that every else did. I didn't because I couldn't afford but one device. Wrong side of the digital divide. I managed OK, most of the time on dial-up at that.

Anyway as I am about to cross the divide...misadventures, of course. Monty Python gets connected.