Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A #sol17 places along the way anniversary reflection

morning walk on Main St, flowers and reflections in windows

…Two years ago this week, I arrived here in Yuma CO from Mountainair NM. Time to reflect on the past two years, where I am now -- and what's next.

moving related images: vintage overloaded truck, buried in packing boxes, clearing out meme

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July #sol7

Yuma fireworks were last night, city and a multitude of private, unofficial ones. This image is not one of them, but from Cheyenne WY. I was at a private one ~ my daughter's in-laws. We also watched the city from the front porch. No local photos are online yet. At least Wyoming is an adjacent state and Cheyenne closer than Denver.

fireworks-620-x-3490_64373381-5056-b365-abb0e9fe00c0124c.jpg (620×349)

Today I took the day off, staying in out of the heat.  I sent out digital holiday greetings, many with links, and changed my Facebook cover pages, my front porch tumbleweed gracing my Life at the Manor (and points west ~ which would include Cheyenne) page. Somehow that seemed a holiday thing to do, even if not the usual new leaf holiday.