Sunday, February 14, 2016

My quirky Valentine links & commentary

Here we are, almost half-way through February, and I still haven't gotten around to that 2016 intentions post. It may be too late unless for an ironic mocking one or calling it something else ~ but never too late to have fun...

Valentine's Day Art Project from @DeepSpacesSparkle

Caveat: my last post here was for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I don't do many holiday themed posts anymore. They were a staple at Mountainair Arts (which still needs a mission and re-christening) and, before that, for online ESL classes and newsletter. Valentine's Day seems the least likely holiday for me to resume the practice (wait, note the ironic mocking tone). Besides, a) I need more places to share links I collect, and b) whatever works to recharge the blogging engine. 

Yesterday a few quirky Valentine links caught my I started collecting them