Tuesday, May 12, 2015

another Tuesday another #SoLSC

and yet another late start, less than an hour to the East coast witching hour when it's after 9 pm here. It's always Mountain time where my own off-line life slices these days. Online is another matter. Time operates differently there -- zones irrelevant. I may start out the morning coffee in hand, making a list and promising myself I will get an earlier start slicing. Then I hit my virtual rounds.

Email comes first so it doesn't take over like kudzu -- both main accounts more or less at he same time and checking incoming links to post, bookmark or bundle on OneTab. Even with the multitasking, it does not seem like so much for someone who does not have a "day job."

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#SoLSC: reading fab book via #EdBlogNet

…why I'm starting late and finishing short ~ so I can get back to Elizabeth Rose's YO MIZ! (1 teacher + 25 schools = 1 wacky year). I plan to review it in more detail. For now, read the overview on Smashwords and then read the book. Short take: think sub's version of Up the Down Staircase. 
Yo Miz! is the seriously funny memoir of an unconventional “edu-tainer,” ejected from her home school and assigned to teach at 25 Manhattan public high schools in one wacky year.  
Yo Miz! is about the kids. From el barrio to Wall Street, they’re all present…speaking in their own voices. 
Yo Miz! is a remarkable odyssey through the largest public school system in the US.Want a front row seat in class? Then Yo Miz! = required reading. Fa real!
Another high point today is Google's Nellie Bly Doodle that is also a short music video. Rose and Nellie make a pair. There's more to the day -- a long and tiring one. If I'd started this sooner, I would have written more about it. That would have cut into my reading though