Monday, December 7, 2009

Checking in

I've made my peace ~ after a fashion ~ with the administrator at another (blog) I write for. He's given up on bullying me and may even have clued in ~ finally ~ to my not being that impressed with either his position in the particular world being blogged or having a column in . Best perhaps that he remain unawares that I'm more likely to consider that gig as selling out, something I suspect most prominent figures in this microcosm, with few but notable exceptions, have sold out as well, albeit unawares.

I have admin privileges ~ clever twigging onto my not posting being a sign that concessions better come my way. Apologizing would have gone further. Why I really prefer being my own boss.

To some extent, that takes away the purpose of this particular blog started as backup and asylum. Or I can make it more about life. What I really need is another blog account and pseudonym to let 'er rip. But I hate hiding behind a name mask and not being myself even more than self-censorship.