Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yet another blog welcome

Here's another. I dare say the process should prove to be Darwinian: throw them all in the shark tank and make book on which blog survives.

None of my blogs are particularly personal, although I like to think that my personality comes through even if more like barge, insinuate, gate crash, etc than shine" (cliché of choice, as in "shining through" ~ yeah, like The Shining, eh?).

What distinguishes this from others? Tentatively, it is more about work, although to go by Mountainair Arts, that does not it will stay about work ... maybe "life" ~ a broad blanket to cover any topic.

And what inspired this latest spin-off? What is its foundation myth? More myth-hap than myth. I'd been guest blogging elsewhere - an academic labor thus work related blog, as if I did not have enough of my own blogs to write for, and learned that the owner/administrator had deleted a handful of posts without giving me a heads up ~ not giving me a reason, not asking me to edit, delete or remove them myself. Nor any response, let alone an apology, when I brought the matter up. Despite other matters on deck this a.m., I created a new blog (this one) to have some place to stash surviving posts as none fit other blogs. Now I can pause, publish (saved in drafts for now), perhaps delete on the other blog and remove myself as a guest contributor.

Unfortunately, the most interesting (in my not so humble opinion at any rate) posts were the ones to get the axe. They were also, for the most part, ones I had invested research time in preparing. Although not so invested as to retrace research and recreate the posts, I may insert a brief synopsis.

That an academic either did not understand or understood but did not think it mattered that my words belong to me speaks volumes.