Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rolling out April one #sol21 Tuesday at a time

Coming off a month of a slicing, I'm back for Tuesdays because I don't want to lose the writing momentum. I can manage that. And writing 750 Words a day on top of that. And something every day for National Poetry Month -- not writing poetry though. I tried that one year and made it to day 5. 

National Poetry Month 2021 poster, design by
Bao Lu, Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn

Just reading more poems and doing digital poetry bombing is a better fit for me. Non-digital poetry bombing had a relatively short run, 1998-2016, and could make a comeback. Broadsided Poetry fills the gap. What else?

Right about now is when I get in trouble and start down the road to writing less instead of more. It's not these but all the usual I'm adding them to. 

Slicing with Two Writing Teachers one Tuesday at a time