Wednesday, August 8, 2018

#SCOTUS update on @Ballotpedia : #Kavanaugh completes committee questionnaire

Almost a month ago, I posted this update newsletter to drafts by email but didn't get around to editing and publishing. Usually an update will be too stale to use by then. This one is not, especially for those who haven't read the preliminary documents before the media wars tsunami hit. Democrats are divided -- resist or go along to minimize effect on midterms elections. Republicans tentatively predict confirmation around October 1st.

There's time to catch up and make your own decision instead of succumbing to political PR and Kabuki theater. After you've caught up with the basics, then check out more recent stories and discussions.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Week's Top Stories from @COIndependent

…Massive police response breaks up protest blockade at ICE headquarters in Colorado…public lands, campaign finance, Manny Salzman obit, Denver public schools, tariffs, Colorado history

 As the divide over immigration policy escalates, Indy reporter Alex Burness was on the scene Thursday as demonstrators began blockading entrances to an ICE field office just south of Denver. Law enforcement officers dressed in full tactical gear arrived to break up the protest.