Friday, April 20, 2012

Should You Go To Grad School?

Grad school, possibly neither work nor life but where else to put it? Any advice here would be too late for the New Faculty Majority, although possibly a place along the way (just not a specific one). From The Hairpin via The Awl, both recommended reading, with the latter being more of a curation page. 

It’s that time of year — when people the world over start thinking about whether they should apply to grad school. You put out some feelers, you tell your family it’s a possibility, you make long lists of the cities you’d be willing to live in once you quit the job you’ve been thinking about quitting for two years.

You're ready to become the lady (or gentleman) scholar you always dreamed you’d become.

I know it’s this time of year because I’m receiving about a dozen emails a week asking about my own experience: what my program was like, if there’s a future to the discipline, how much debt one should be willing to accrue.

Actually, that’s wrong — those are the practical questions your parents would be asking if they were still vetting your schools for you. Instead, these people are asking about potential research topics and the various scholars I worked with — and whether Austin really as is as sweet as people say it is. Ideas! Lifestyle! Isn’t that what grad school is really about?

Read the rest at The hairpin. See more posts by The AwlDon't be Stupid. 

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