Sunday, April 20, 2014

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  • It remains for teachers to figure out how to leverage the opportunities of the internet for their learner's advantage. It is not enough to rely on the internet to "do it for you". The internet is still not a teaching machine. Best practice (Jim's version): teach content creation, collaboration, and reasonable dialogue - globally if possible.

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    • First, is the potential of the Internet to offer individual learners increased freedom from the physical limitations of the real world.
    • Secondly, the Internet is seen to support a new culture of learning—i.e., learning that is based around bottom-up principles of collective exploration, play, and innovation rather than top-down individualized instruction
    • Thirdly, the capacity of the Internet to support a mass connectivity between people and information is felt to have radically altered the relationship between individuals and knowledge.
    • Fourthly, the Internet is seen to have dramatically personalized the ways in which people learn—thereby making education a far more individually determined process than was previously the case.
    • self-directed, non-institutional learning are initiatives such as the hole-in-the-wall and School in the Cloud
    • the most successful forms of Internet-based education and e-learning being those that reflect and even replicate pre-Internet forms of education such as classrooms, lectures, and books.
    • elping already engaged individuals to participate further, but doing little to widen participation or reengage those who are previously disengaged

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