Tuesday, May 12, 2015

another Tuesday another #SoLSC

and yet another late start, less than an hour to the East coast witching hour when it's after 9 pm here. It's always Mountain time where my own off-line life slices these days. Online is another matter. Time operates differently there -- zones irrelevant. I may start out the morning coffee in hand, making a list and promising myself I will get an earlier start slicing. Then I hit my virtual rounds.

Email comes first so it doesn't take over like kudzu -- both main accounts more or less at he same time and checking incoming links to post, bookmark or bundle on OneTab. Even with the multitasking, it does not seem like so much for someone who does not have a "day job."
 Call it whatever you like. I run several networks and manage content for multiple blogs and social media streams on all of them -- and keep them straight. Most of the time. Today my count was (at least) six blog posts -- plus two in drafts to send out when I finish here -- and links collected for as many new or ongoing research projects. I'm not even counting social media or comments. I've always been an information junkie, even before the internet, so naturally fell right into gathering, reading, assessing, sorting, curating, remixing and spreading it around. 

Today I should have been filling the waste bin to haul out to the street tomorrow afternoon for Thursday morning pick-up. De-cluttering (another story for another slice) means more to haul out, a bin load at a time. Forget about that. Rainy, windy and a bad breathing day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Time now to make and email the grocery order.

It's still Mountain time in Mountainair .... 
Mountainair NM, Broadway (US 60)

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