Tuesday, October 20, 2015

filling the book cases = really moving in

short version catch up, emphasis on the final stage. I moved into my apartment at High Plains Manor, Yuma CO, mid-July. I've been acclimating, orienting, exploring and such. The apartment furnishing was spare and basic -- minimalist. Bookcases and boxes books finally made it out of my daughter's garage and over here.

Books and bookcases came in an early load, went to the back of the garage. Needless to say, the bookcases are basic models, bearing no resemblance to the image above. It's here because I like it. Bookshelf porn. My bookcases look more like this one:

Priorities. It's about the books. Forget crafty bookcase beautification tips. Nothing decorates bookcases like filling them with books. Eight boxes, two more coming. Eleven boxes went to the Mountainair Community Library and twelve to the UNM Valencia library. Parting was painful; choices, wrenching; filling bookcases and spending time with the survivors, a solace.

We hung pictures too. 


  1. I am about to empty all of my bookcases in an effort to reduce my collection. I have so many books I have read and will probably never reread, others I've never read and can't find in the midst of all the books I have read, and it's unfair to the books. They need to be in the homes, hands, and hearts of people who will read and possibly fall in love with them. I am being selfish holding onto them. And for me, when I move, the first things I start to unpack are the books. I'm not settled where there are no books.

  2. Moving and being able to get a slice written is amazing. I like the word minimalist. I am not one, but I am looking at trying to become more that way. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have to wait until next spring..... then the final stage of the renovation of our home will be completed and I finally get my books out of storage!