Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving leftovers

…some metaphorical, inedible: #TWTblog, #Digirimo, #adjunct archive projects, research, zombie list and blog posts (not undead but undone). Left over from November. I couldn't resist the name. 

One set of leftovers is a motley/quirky collection of Thanksgiving links. Others are end of the month loose ends of hashtag designated projects, undone list, unwritten blog posts, incomplete assignments. 

I've been collecting links on OneTab, bundling by topic, saving to Diigo and subscribing some feeds to reader. I had two lists for Thanksgiving. The utilitarian one was for Thanksgiving recipes, supplies, etc. This one is a miscellany of Thanksgiving links I found interesting and hope you will too.

As for the real leftovers...it was large family dinner. Some were held for visitors staying over to eat the next day and the rest evenly distributed. I asked for the carcass. Turkey gumbo. I have December, next year and the rest of my life to get to the rest. Or not.

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