Tuesday, April 4, 2017

OMG Tuesday #sol17 already, other blogging, poetry #NPM17

embrace your inner owl, dammitDamn I posted something else to another blog just after midnight, one I'm not on deadline for. If not for my inner owl, that would feel like two posts in one day, which I'm trying to avoid. Yesterday I posted to precarious faculty blog for the first time, not counting drafts, since October 2016. Ignoring the over-sized baggy monster I abandoned in drafts the day before, I blogged a Dear Reader ramble about changes, not really addressing adjuncts, academic labor, organizing, academia or any of the formerly usual suspects.

The day before, I posted to Miscellaneous Arts for the first time since early January -- better but not great. It's a start. I have a plan but don't know what it is. Until then, the plan is write and publish one post at a time, then another and so on.

TWT's Tuesday advice, prompt or guiding thought is "This week, focus on the freedom that writing offers!" I interpret that as let 'er rip and forget about the other post. Be here now, not there and see where that takes me.

My idiosyncratic interpretation of poetry bombing for National Poetry Month takes me to digitally hurling poetry every which way, the less expected a target, the better. Poetry bombing is related to or a sub-genre of guerrilla poetry, which "involves publishing poetry in unexpected and unconventional ways in unexpected and unconventional places. Guerrilla poets like to choose unusual media or materials for their poems. They avoid publishing their poems using black text on a white page.."

Anybody can do this. You don't even have to write poetry. Examples: Daniel S McTaggert reads "Guerrilla Poetry" (Internet Archives) + 10 guerrilla poetry projects (Flavorwire).

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  1. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your post, because I have been curious about bloggers, beyond our TwoWritingTeachers friends. You made me aware of more possibilities, and it is intriguing. I do have a question- do you know about the legal issue of who owns your writing, once you post it on a blog?

  2. I just wrote a much longer reply that I meant to preview before posting but lost instead, so this will be much shorter

    EFF on Intellectual Property (IP) https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/IP

    Read the Terms of Service for whatever blogging platform you use. You can also put a copyright notice on your main page or individual posts.