Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A #sol18 Tuesday: last dental, an April blizzard & the tumbled tumbleweed

photo of snow covered tumbleweed at my Manor front porch
snow covered tumbleweed
…just past midnight, unimaginable to be starting a blog post so early. Writing later in the day is even more unimaginable. Today is major dental day ~ the last extraction (3 incisors) and bridge installation. But for the inevitable follow-up, it's the final step in a long procedure.

So here's the 3-part, minimal word plan:  fill the page with Friday 13th April blizzard pictures, the latest episode in tumbleweed saga. Close with slice footer. Voilà! My first and last early morning slice...

photo of snow falling at the Manor, April, Friday 13
view of snow falling from my Manor front porch

blizzard view from my back door

...but my homegrown tumbleweed did not fare so well...

photo of snow covered tumbleweed blown over during April 13 blizzard 

photo of "tumbled over" tumbleweed after a sunny day

Not all was lost. I rescued the broken off top and staked it upright at the other end of the porch awaiting re-decoration, starting with diamond glitter spray when it's completely dried out and the weather is right.

Two Writing Teachers' blogging challenge/community is back to Tuesday slicing now that the 2018 March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) is history. The Tuesday drill is the same: write and share "slice of life" post; then comment on three or more. Retweeting #sol18 tweets is good too, but optional. I missed posting last Tuesday but commented and RT's. 

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  1. I can't believe how much snow is still there. Having said that, I would kill for a cool breeze and chill to sweep through Malaysia!

  2. I am intrigued by your tumbleweed decorating your porch. Once when crossing nothingness from TX into NM we rode for several miles in overrun by tumbleweed. They had filled the bar-ditches and came across the field like a huge army advancing. They rolled right over us. I found it a bit scary; my husband grew up with them. :) Glad you're on the downside of your dental work.

  3. So much snow! We haven't had any in a couple of weeks, but we're still pretty cold. When, oh when, is spring going to get here?