Friday, April 5, 2013

#ocTEL, Friday April 5

Another large online course to get lost in and never quite up to speed, literally or figuratively.

Finally found my password, logged in and updated my profile ~ now catching my breath  for reflections and first impressions and exploring the forum. Considering mailbox confusion of the past few days, made worse by a sluggish (uncooperative) computer, multitasking may not be my best strategy.

Mail chaos not withstanding (or forums), I like the atmosphere. The organizer has a good (and realistic) handle on structure/ design, is laid back and neither prescriptive nor worried overmuch about disorder ~ "messy is part of the process." Scott is here. Otherwise, I haven't noticed anyone else I know but may turn out to be wrong. Helen might be too.

I'm trying to read through as many introductions as possible to get a feel for the group, which may be less than realistic. So far there seem's to be a preponderance of IT managers. I'm watching for participants with similar interests. I thought my own were getting clearer and more solid but, yet again, the closer I get or think I am getting, they loose both clarity and substance... as though solidity "melting into air." By the time I get to keyboard or notepad... it's gone, vanished into the mist.

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