Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#SOLSC: life slicing and sorting puzzle pieces

…This Tuesday's SoL image,"Slice of Life," is a 500 piece puzzle. Life is a puzzle.

I don't know how many pieces mine has. By now I've lost more than a few, possibly too many to reassemble a complete picture. They've spilled out of the box, rolled under furniture, been played with, carried away and hidden by the cats.

Now with a move coming on, I have to pack up some, but not all. Which ones do I take, re-home, throw or just leave behind? That's a daunting amount of pieces to sort, real or psychic -- sometimes both.

Think of books and photos, even some memory saturated clothes and housewares. Some things are easier to leave behind than others. It's also an exercise in forced life de-cluttering. Books will be the hardest

Blogging has been a way to sort pieces. I haven't blogged, really blogged, for over a month. 750 Words isn't quite the same, more like free writing practice so I don't get totally out of the writing habit.

I spill a lot of words on social media and blog commenting but don't count either as blogging. Not the re-blogging either. That's content curation and more organized sharing straight to the social media platform and turning content loose in the wild. The PD and other Tumblr curated topic collections and short posts come closer.

Maybe the prospect (and dread) of both literal sorting and the very real life changes in its wake choked blogging. Symbolically but illogical, stopping one put off the other. It didn't work though.

Slice of LIfe
After (sort of) participating in the 2015 March Slice of Life Challenge, I now drop by for occasional Tuesday ones. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for all the fish! Check out the site to learn about slicing, read more slices and maybe join the community, give slicing a try whether regularly or not. There's always next week, next March...

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  1. Sometimes there is just too much and our needs change. That verb choked really hit a soft spot for me. Many things have been choked out of my life by problems. I hope your move goes well.