Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#SoL15 musings on moving, #clmooc, #adjunct blogging

…#RWTblog, #EdBlogNet…but still ignoring the other. Tumbling and social media writing don't count here.

Add procrastination. Tagged for both #sol15 and #adjunct. Check. Evasive multitasking by hashtag. Tagged for #clmooc, hold the apps. Check. There is a limit to how many/much I can wrap my mind around or juggle at one time -- and am already dropping too many as it is.
Beautiful Sliced Fruit-Shaped Adhesive Notes
Sliced fruit sticky notes: a Japanese office supplies novelty by d-bros
As usual, I have no idea where this will take me but now have a habit of starting with an image. Serendipity rules more often than not: what catches -- and pleases my eye. I saved slice images on the last hard drive: TWT logos, fruit, pizza, bread, etc. Dexter is the most popular result googling Slice of Life images. I haven't been in that kind of mood. Not yet.

This morning I had a topic in mind, no doubt about moving, book and other triage, but forgot.

Would looking for a topic or thematically related image keep my mind on it? I did that for a G+ post. Or waiting to see what emerges writing. I have been writing myself a lot of notes lately. Short ones and lists.

Where am I now? My daughter Pilar came down last week to help with sorting and boxing books -- and make sure I did not keep too many. Stressful. Oxymoron. She taped and took those boxes with her, possibly to make sure I did not add more books to them. Nine boxes for the community library. Nine boxes for the UNM Valencia library. Two boxes, mostly Spanish literature, for Ana either to mail book rate or leave with Dennis for her to pick up on their next trip to Arizona. Some strays to return to lenders, with a few books added for good measure. I don't know how many boxes Pilar took -- along with one for herself.

Clothes, papers and personal items have been sorted, most tossed or to leave, the rest set aside to box. The waste bin will make two more trips to the street. Anything not hauled away gets left behind. Utilities and phone turned of or transferred to new account.

When do I leave? I leave Mountainair July 8 or 9 for Albuquerque, some provisioning there, finish packing the trailer, and leave Albuquerque July 10 or 11, arriving in Yuma for July 13, which I hope will not be unlucky. Where am I going? What will it be like? Yuma CO, 22 links on OneTab

As for the rest, I even managed to work moving and making the road into two Making Learning Connected posts here and here on G+. What about adjunct blogging? At least one could pass for untagged adjunct blogging. There's that. I've already gone on too long to have time (or inclination) to address it now.

Very well then, I promise to post to Precarious Faculty blog before leaving New Mexico.


  1. Packing is a lot of work! I like the photo with old truck loaded up!
    Sounds like you live like a writer with your notes and lists and more!

    1. Loralee, yes it is a lot of work -- physical and psychic -- and more tiring now than it used. But I do like it sounding like "living like a writer." Wandering, moving, heading out both literally and figuratively -- and writing about it along the way. I've even got an ink pen and journal at the ready to fill computing gaps

  2. I love this post and all the reminisces it brings me with my many moves, but also the unknown, the "what's coming feeling" that we all get... And the "slice of life" image seems to fit perfectly with this mood: vibrant, creative, yet reflective... so you.

    But did Pilar see the photograph you chose to picture your old home from Mountainair? No wonder she's keeping you to nine boxes to take to Yuma: or will you take any? I counted all the boxes going other places but to Yuma?

    Good luck with your impending move no matter what: I am thinking of you daily, and with you in spirit ;-)

    And by the way, oh how sweet it will be to think of the flummoxed faces as folks begin to read the Precarious Faculty blog they thought was long forgotten: surprise surprise!

    1. Ana, I just lost a longer reply to a mis-click. I call that editing by fate. Briefly ~

      I meant the picture to represent the act of moving -- not my own specific move (no furniture comes with me) and most especially not my 'old' (but still current) home in Mountainair. I googled images for 'moving': as with image selection written about above, chance and serendipity ruled.

      Who knows? Maybe my unconscious spoke -- like magnetic writing

      My nine boxes? I never mentioned that I was allowed or limited to nine, although extrapolating that from the other two nines would have a certain numeric harmony.

      But most particularly I do not want to think of those flummoxed faces or allow them a role. The blog is neither about nor for them.

  3. Oh I know furniture is not going with you, but I can just imagine the metaphoric clutter of all your years in Mountainair: that photo was a perfect rendition.

    Like magnetic writing, it spoke to you for a reason!

    And isn't nine the magic number? Speaking about serindipity...

    You're right: forget those flummoxed faces: all gone. Their image is once and for always -- at least on these pages -- discombobulated.

    (ah, I do like the sound of that word to go along with their flummoxed expressions, hee hee hee.)