Friday, November 6, 2015

goodbye work hello life

This blog has been a catch-all for online course posts, blogging challenges and other online writing projects. Figuratively speaking, Work and Life, its name reflecting its origin as back-up for a job I never got paid for doing, is an adjunct among blogs, a red-headed stepchild.

Then there are all the other social media. What a mess. First things first = start with blogging. This particular blog should be a personal blog and renamed to make it personal. I will do that. Maybe I even had that in mind when I created the blog. #DigiWriMo seems a good time to address all this, not that this post is an #altCV. Mine would be far weirder. Could this be preliminary notes toward one?

The 'work' reference was always ironic -- intended to mock myself for awkwardness among colleagues who define themselves by their professional interests and research...and mock them for starting so many conversations with statements of professional status.

...but not as much as I used to. None of my blogs were ever meant to be personal. I started Mountainair Arts to support a local arts tour. It became my main blog -- and personal -- through the time I invested in it and the local art community's disinterest. What went down with the precarious faculty blog had strong parallels. When bloggers get conflicted about what/why even how they are blogging, blogs and writing suffer. Both of those have, although for other reasons -- topics for separate posts.

Goodbye Work and Life, hello me, Vanessa Crary Vaile, now VCVaile (re-named again ~ that's what the 'VC' is for but now matches @VCVaile and imo sounds better). Anyway, I sure spend a lot of time doing stuff that would probably pass for work under other circumstances. If it's not work, what should I call it?


  1. Vanessa Crary Vaile - what does this mean?

    1. My name? Why did I change the name from Work and Life to Vanessa Crary Vaile. I'm retired -- doesn't make much sense to have 'Work' in the blog name.
      My relationship to writing, my blogs and blogging would take too time to cover in a comment. I did mention separate posts.

      Sorry, but with the unclear pronoun reference, I'm not sure what you are asking about. Could you please be more specific?