Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday #sol & life in the #Manor #YumaCO

…opening aside to Manor residents: this is a post on my personal blog. Since I live here, Tuesday Slice of Life posts are likely to reference High Plains Manor. Don't take post content out of context or for more than it is. You are welcome/invited to join the conversation directly by commenting here or on the life in the Manor (and points west) Facebook page. 

Dear Tuesday #twtblog Slicers, no guarantee, but I'm back, at least for this week. I've been writing ~ copious email, 750wordsonline conversations by comment on blogs and social media ~ but neither blogging nor willing to give up on it. Yuma Colorado catch-up is about a sliced as my life gets these days. By way of explaining the opening aside: apparently my Manor named Facebook page confuses some Yuma Housing Authority residents, so I am still reminding them about my Yuma project speaking for anyone but myself. Explaining the confusion and context would probably make a good post.

I started blogging "this week at the Manor" here almost two months ago but moved the feature to Facebook ~ too much content duplication to make a good post, especially with so few of them. 

Thomas Wayne, friend from University of Louisiana graduate school, English department, arrived for a visit just after midnight Saturday and left this morning around 6 am. We visited, talked, watched Dostoevsky's The Idiot in Russian (with subtitles) and drove around exploring the area ~ including a tri-state Colorado/Nebraska/Kansa excursion (easy to manage in this corner of the state). Rock Creek Recreation Area in Nebraska was a high point.

On TW's last day in Colorado, we visited Chuck in Denver, drove back for dinner with Pilar and Duane last night ~ hitting heavy rain both times. Thomas, Meriel, Erin, Mitsy and Ana are the only people who visited me in Mountainair from out of state. Thomas Wayne is the first to visit me here.

Today is second Tuesday, monthly Potluck day. I went but ponied up the $2 extra for not bringing a dish. Today is also my grandson's birthday. He's having a pool party at the Yuma pool, just a few blocks and easy walking from here. My blogging goal here is to post before leaving, although I may add to the post later.

Now it's time to go....


  1. Vanessa, I enjoy reading about your new home and your new life. Yuma is very lucky to have you. xoxo

    1. The porch posse might not agree with you ~ not that I intend to let that interfere with blog or FB page. The reaction reminds me somewhat of Bert's complaints about the original Mountainair Arts blog being "confusing."

      At this point, I honestly don't know how the blog will evolve. Here's my best guess/what I'm hoping for: a personal space, less arts oriented, sprinkled with but not dominated by advocacy, scholarly or literary interests, more local than my other blogs but less local than the Facebook page.

      In short, I want to enjoy myself and write about what interests me, which is a long list. The Two Writing Teacher's weekly Slice of Life blogging challenge is a device to nudge me back in a blogging groove.I might use it as springboard to write about blogging and getting started with social media to encourage Manor residents and others to take it up and strike out on their own.

  2. Vanessa, sounds like I need to come visit Yuma someday too! I enjoy your slices of life and I think you may just inspire others around you to tap into their own slices.

    1. Thank you Erin. That's exactly what I'd like to see. Are you in Colorado? I'm still relatively new here and still making connections