Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July #sol7

Yuma fireworks were last night, city and a multitude of private, unofficial ones. This image is not one of them, but from Cheyenne WY. I was at a private one ~ my daughter's in-laws. We also watched the city from the front porch. No local photos are online yet. At least Wyoming is an adjacent state and Cheyenne closer than Denver.

fireworks-620-x-3490_64373381-5056-b365-abb0e9fe00c0124c.jpg (620×349)

Today I took the day off, staying in out of the heat.  I sent out digital holiday greetings, many with links, and changed my Facebook cover pages, my front porch tumbleweed gracing my Life at the Manor (and points west ~ which would include Cheyenne) page. Somehow that seemed a holiday thing to do, even if not the usual new leaf holiday.

tumbleweeds, front porch

slice of life

Thank you all, writers, readers and teachers of Two Writing Teachers for this weekly forum and the annual March #SOLSC. Read this Tuesday's posts here. Join the conversation ~ writing, sharing and commenting.

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  1. Sounds like you celebrated early and then had a fruitful day - sharing holiday greetings and staying cool!