Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A #sol17 places along the way anniversary reflection

morning walk on Main St, flowers and reflections in windows

…Two years ago this week, I arrived here in Yuma CO from Mountainair NM. Time to reflect on the past two years, where I am now -- and what's next.

moving related images: vintage overloaded truck, buried in packing boxes, clearing out meme

If memory serves, I moved into the Manor July 17, 2015. Since then I started and have been developing a community Facebook page, Life in the Manor and points west, posting area news and notices, researching topics, local and aging related, for page content. Additionally, I started and keep up two local online calendars, Life in the Manor, which includes Yuma and the surrounding area, and another, shorter Manor Calendar for print copies. Beyond the Manor perimeter, I walk a lot for exercise and to get around town. Sometimes I blog about it and now take pictures along the way. This spring, along with two other Manor residents, I joined the Colorado Trust Community Partnerships Yuma Resident Team. That's a mouthful ~ not to mention an awkward acronym, CTCPYRT.

waiting for meeting presided over by President Elaine Rutz (front table on right) to start

Today, before attending the monthly Manor potluck and bi-monthly residents meeting, I walked to 207 Main Street, the Yuma Pioneer office to talk with Tony Rayl about writing a column. Done. Well, hardly "done" since I haven't started yet. The deadline is Tuesdays. If I make the next one, I'll let you know how it went. I'll probably write about the Saturday Yard Sale or maybe the meeting.

My first Yuma blog post was a NM to CO transition piece, Adios #Mountainair…howdy #Yuma (on Miscellaneous Arts)

Yuma CO water tower, fields (l-r wheat, corn), trees, street, silos
…Colorado that is. I left Mountainair on July 9 and Albuquerque Saturday morning, July 11. We arrived in Yuma with enough daylight for me to have a look around, start orienting myself and get a sense of place. Yuma Main Street images do not look that different from Broadway -- just broader and with stoplights, so I picked the fields, tree line, water tower and silos (in the right hand background) photo to show the difference.
Other posts about moving went to the #CLMOOC Community on G+ and the Precarious Faculty blog. I used this blog for online courses with blogging assignments and blogging challenges like the Slice of Life challenge. That first Yuma blog post went to Mountainair Arts, my first blog, started in 2006 after 6 years of Mountainair NM community, arts and poetry webpages. Those and other digital projects are archived at Mountainair Online net, which is still waiting in limbo while I decide what to do with it (besides delete or at least rename the site). 

Part of my daily life goes to staying connected to people, places and projects in other places. I have one foot on the ground here but another digital one out in the ether.

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