Thursday, March 14, 2019

#OpenLearning2019…once more unto the breach

…of yet another connectivist #MOOC that is

… and my first post for  Open Learning 2019 because I have to post to have a feed to complete sign-up. This procedure guarantees that I will have written at least one blog post for Open Learning 2019, which puts me ahead of Open Learning 2017, although at least I came away from it with a Hypothesis account and another MOOC feed in my reader.

I've participated in MOOCs since 2010, including the occasional x-version.  The past few years, participation has not matched intentions, and I've been on an extended blogging hiatus as well. When I missed most of Open Learning 2017, I told myself next year but missed that too.

So here I am following #openlearning19 tweets, reading blog posts and collecting links. And if it helps kick starts a return to blogging? Lagniappe.

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