Saturday, April 4, 2015

SOLSC reflections, lost time/slice series

The Persistence of Memory.jpg…Dali's The Persistence of Memory, his melting watches, lost time and side trips through the history of time were planned make up posts for missed slices and posts too late to count for that day. I never got to it. This was left sitting in drafts with no place to go. Consider it the post-SOLSC 2015 wrap and reflection post. #SoL15 Day 31 should have been that but turned into a moving on post and overlapped with a longer version of the same on precarious faculty.

I may not get to it but still want to comment on more posts...closed challenge =/= closed comment section on participating blogs. All the SOLSC days are here if other slicers would like to do the same or just for a overview. Plus comments on my own posts await replies (with apologies for my tardy response). Getting back into the commenting habit was my main takeaway from the challenge. Another was voice and remembering how to blog for/as myself.  I know but keep forgetting that I can do that on precarious faculty now. Mostly, it was a blogging break, albeit not a complete and total one. For that, I'd probably have to go somewhere with no internet connection.

A look at the archives will show Work and Life's spotty history. Naming the url (real name on the internet) for me rather than the subject may be/probably is significant but not consciously. Usually name blogs are the primary ones. The front name is deliberately ironic because I am retired, not "working" according to the usual, socially accepted definition. I started the blog to archive posts my posts from (old) The New Faculty Majority when I realized that Steve Street was deleting some without asking me to take them of or even telling me when he did it. So I reposted here to have a back-up. Next I re-purposed it to supplement work on an online job that did not pan out, made me feel queasy about doing when I learned more about the business, and that I got stiffed for. I deleted those posts. Neither is part of a happy

Since then, I've re-blogged (very) occasional articles or links that seemed work/life relevant. At intervals, I've re-purposed the blog for online courses with a blogging requirement. Last was Rhizo 14. For some reason those never work out well, probably because I am already blogging in so many places but have to post a blog url for the post. Some courses I can post a tag feed, but that is still limiting. I always end up publishing course relevant posts on an unlisted blog. I'd like to just post a tag or post a Twitter stream tag feed. I should ask Laura Gibbs about how to do that with an InoReader tag bundle.

So what is next here? For sure, I'll post Tuesday slices here. Otherwise, Work and Life and I will play it as it lays. I'm not working but am still living. Maybe about life and what defines me nowadays. Maybe moving plans and notes on virtual explorations of possibilities. So far, my vote would be for Ft Morgan if I can ~ but may not even get a vote.

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