Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 28 Tuesday #SoL…a #rhizo15 meander

missed April 14, tried to get a jump on the 21st by setting up the footer and adding an image in advance. I should have just gone with something short for Earth Day but missed that too. Now here it is Tuesday April 28, closing in on 11 pm Eastern Time.

Unless I come up with something else in the next hour, "Hold the drama" suits ~ and all too well. All the adjunct, activism and social media drama no doubt contributed to put me off blogging. I'm still fine with curating and archiving. Those are solitary activities I can putter along with and share ad hoc as I go. Until further notice, I'm swapping activist for informationist. 

What else? There's the Education Bloggers Network, #EdBlogNet. The focus is on K12 public education. I'm in/following/taking/doing (whatever) #rhizo15 (#rhizowhatever).  

The image above is a "rhizopolis" ~ nothing to do with rhizo15 or Rhizomatic Learning. I just liked it, pinned the image to my Rhizome pinboard and saved the accompanying link to read later. Mostly I am reading, saving links and commenting occasionally on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, even G+. I haven't blogged yet though and am reluctant to designate a specific blog. This post will count if I tag it in the subject line so it shows up in twitter hashtag stream. I'm wandering, not even coming up with "subjectives" let alone objectives (which we're not supposed to have anyway) but not really lost either. Just puttering along. Still.

If being non-linear, meandering, platform and network crossing informationist qualifies me as an educator and rhizo-activist of sorts, then I am at least still that until I figure the rest out. Or sputter and stall.

Slice of LIfe After participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, I'm now trying the Tuesday ones. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for all the fish! Check out the site to learn about slicing, read more slices and maybe join the community to try your hand at it with us.


  1. Sometimes meandering is just what the doctor ordered. Sounds like you have a lot of interesting things going on.

  2. Relax and drift, my friend. I'll watch for you.

  3. Wandering ... but with friends .... so let us keep crossing paths ...
    That Rhizopolis image is pretty darn nifty ...