Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday SoL: where did the day go?

I had something in mind this morning to write about but thinking about and working on other projects between then and now displaced it ~ drove it out until I looked at the time on the monitor and saw it was not just no longer morning but late afternoon. That was then. Now it is night. Where did the day go?

I was going to write about social isolation and mixed feelings about moving. Each of those could and probably should be a separate post. Now the post just might be answer that question. Where did the day go? I ask myself that (too) often. I'm not talking about procrastination either. Multi-tasking maybe. It may not make me stupid but it does make me absent-minded

I've been starting the day with 750 Words  I don't care about the count or the challenge. Some days I write more, some less. A weekly quota that averages out 750 words/day might make more sense. Writing every day is the real point, more than hitting a word count. That process turns writers into word counters.  Unless I am on a roll with 750, I start checking mail while I writing -- less to see what I have than to avoid being overwhelmed. I process a lot of information in a day, organizing for projects, curating, sharing, etc. Social media notices and newsletters are a part of that.

I must confess that I leave time for naps too. It's not really a luxury even if That I can is an advantage of retirement: I can pace myself as needed. Today I was finishing a major post on a higher education news blog / tumbler and lost the post tumbling somewhere in cyberspace. How? I don't know. When I sent it queue it just disappeared. The post eventually came home and settled in right where it belonged. I was glad to see it and even more glad not to have to do it over again,

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  1. I love your daily 750 words. I especially like that it's not a hard and fast rule, but a bit flexible. So glad your post flew home and even nested right where it belonged. Phew!