Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#SOL16 Day 2: more multitasking

Honestly, I was going to cut back on multitasking but couldn't resist watching a Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) hangout with +Paul Allisontwo members of the Write4Change Project research team and teacher Bethany Silva in a conversation about an amazing writing and social justice project/ community/ curriculum/ study bringing together student voices from around the globe. 

So much for that plan -- and the one to write more about how the Personal Learning and the GED Instructional Design courses (MOOCs) fit into #SOL16 blogging. Doesn't this one look and sound like a project for teaching Slicers would want to get their students and themselves involved in:

About the community:
The Write4Change community is social network for adolescent writers (ages 13-19) to share their writing with others, collaborate with global peers similarly engaged in using writing to effect change, and learn from and with one another. One of the primary goals of the project is to amplify students’ voices through the power of networked communication. All youth on the platform are connected through a partner teacher, one who is committed to working with other educators to support students writing for change. As the community expands through new partnerships and members, we hope it serves as a hub connecting participants with publication opportunities, global initiatives, and online resources and tools.
Common threads: learning, teaching, writing, communities, networked communication. Is it multi-tasking when the tasks are related, part of a larger, admittedly complex whole? Hydra-headed may come to mind. So does "learning ecosystem." The task is to make connections. This is one.


  1. You are dedicated to this craft and I love that you are seeking ways to energize others to write.

    1. thank you -- I suspect it is also a teaching habit that retirement cannot dampen

    2. PS wakeupandwrite (great blogger handle btw), please leave a link to your blog so I can visit and leave a comment