Friday, March 4, 2016

#sol16 Day 4: another day down the rabbit hole

the one we call internet. I started to write "black hole" but, even considering its darker sides, it's not that.

For the independent learner, it's the ultimate open LMS. More chaos than order, the M might be out of order. An oxymoron. You can learn a lot from attempting to organize chaos. Frustration. Patience. Persistence. Resignation.

I went down the rabbit hole today doing just that. Ate up the day, it did. So this is all old sol gets. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll try the looking glass, explain how it's the ultimate PLN.

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  1. Sometimes that rabbit hole happens! And look - your sol happened too! :-)

  2. I envy your day tripping down the rabbit hole...somedays it is the most amazing and cheapest trip a person can take!

  3. I have to keep all devices out of my hands if I want to get anything done! Hope you have better luck tomorrow.