Thursday, March 10, 2016

#sol16 liberation, local interests

Down the rabbit hole but not back up. Not right away. That's one explanation for the gap. My last post was 3/4/16. I didn't plan to miss days but strep is making the rounds. Miss a day blogging and you are ineligible. That's what I mean by liberation. Posts and comments are of my own volition, a retirement perk like crashing early and sleeping in late whenever I want or need to. I am now liberated to write when and what I want and comment on posts as I like, whether or not I post. Geas begone. Allo flânerie digitale. Wherever it may take me. 

Cover photo, West Yuma Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

So where did it? Back to where I already am. Yuma, case you were wondering about my choice of image.

Among the other things (besides blogging and sundry information management projects, I am making more time for is getting back in shape after winter. That goes to getting out more and into the community. 

Like Miss Marple, I get about on mare's shanks. So I added a mobility exercise/ training in how to avoid and (if necessary) cope with taking an ass over teakettle geriatric tumble. I missed half of it and almost missed the rest. This week I also made it to first Tuesday potluck too. It is not uncommon to miss a lot. Getting information is hit and miss. More contact raises concerns over that and transparency gaps. If I am going to miss something, I'd rather it to be an informed choice than because of an avoidable information gap. Time to get better informed.

I've been wondering about the residents association and low turn-out participation for activities and quarterly residents meetings. How much voice do residents have? What is the relationship between Happy Homesteaders, the residents association and housing authority? Are quarterly meetings a HUD requirement or is it just social? What is the history? Questions lead me to seek more information about the organizational and administrative structure. 

With more questions than answers, how can I not be curious and compelled to keep looking? Besides, the answers would be be helpful to others applying for housing or with questions ~ and, in any case, should be public information. The rest of my plan is move ahead with a community Facebook page and organizing my finds in a public InoReader just like I do for advocacy and education projects.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. That's the pits, Vanessa.

    What is flânerie digitale? I know that flânerie is walking without a purpose, just for the sake of enjoyment. Would love to know what digital flânerie is.

    1. so late -- hopefully better than never. My definition (and others) of flânerie is walking without a destination, which is not the same as without a purpose. It is also characterized by keen observation and immersion into the observed environment.

      Digital flânerie would be doing that online.

  2. Loved meandering through some of your posts. Feel free to pop back up out of the rabbit hole or just join us weekly for TWT on Tuesday. Lots less stress than our March Madness. Happy Saturday!

    1. I'm back and trying to make Tuesdays part of my summer writing bucket list