Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday afternoon at the #Manor contemplating community, challenges & calendars

Comparative Study.among Popular Blogging Platforms#sol17 March blog challenge, that is. The subject line alone is almost a post. Ha! Now to keep the rest brief, not going on until consigned to draft oblivion. Here's hoping a public announcement and declaration of intent will motivate me. On top of that, I volunteered for the SOLSC Welcome Wagon -- in for a penny, in for a pound. This last may be the most effective ploy to keep me from falling off the blogging wagon. Commitments to oneself are always easier to duck.

At the Manor, ready for a walk
Community includes Yuma PHA's High Plains Manor, two blocks across and one deep, and those in an extensive, varied  and cross-linked set of distributed digital networks. The digital configuration is as real, rich and complex as any physical space. Two Writing Teachers and SoL bloggers are just one community within the digital network. I share other networks with more than a few of them. 

The challenge of blogging about both together, sometimes side by side in the same post, will, I hope, help integrate them. Tentatively, my plan is write about life online and in Yuma, Colorado, and then to share #sol17 posts on my Life in the Manor Facebook page.

All are places along the way, my overarching theme for the month. As for calendars...I maintain a Manor community calendar, online but available in a shorter print version. Check it out to learn more about our life here. Scheduling a post a day for a month (and hopefully carrying it forward) is another calendar.

An art version of the view from my front door, this one done with a Luna Pictures free online photo editor, This one was created using the art filter in the style of French Cubist Robert Delaunay.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for the welcome to SOL17 on my first post! It is truly appreciated! You're right - commitments to yourself are always the harder to keep! Good luck with keeping both commitments, both to yourself and to those that you'll be welcoming to the challenge!

    1. Thank you Lehua, I have already noticed that "welcome wagoneering" makes for a deeper involvement and more intense experience.