Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#SoL17 at home, inside & out

~ coping with a cranky keyboard and erratic compose screen, I was off to an even later start blogging than usual due a longer than expected phone call.

I walked just once around the perimeter ~ a short one, minus iPhone in case of rain. So I used the time to think about today's blog post. What did I defer from last one? Guerrilla educationist and digital citizenship. Too bad the computer did not cooperate.

What pictures would fit? Above, my "home office" ~ laptop on a small tray table, small sofa next to a window (the chair is for Chaircat Mao), oil painting by Megan Lemcke. Below, the marble Manor marker + decorative foliage on the corner of Elm and 3rd Avenue.

SoL17 day, I sort of started my post early by setting up draft page + footer just past midnight. I have photos many, ideas fewer. A theme, I could use one. More than a topic, which would be more focused, less prone to ramble. Where's the fun in that, the possibility for discovery, serendipity?

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  1. I LOVE your home! Thanks for the picture :)