Tuesday, January 30, 2018

around #Yuma, #Colorado & the Nation

Yuma CO dentist's office, exterior
Yuma Family Dental
…for #sol18. Today (not over yet) has been a long one that included a trip to the dentist for the next stage following last year's multiple molar extractions: two fillings and a mold taken for an upper bridge. Next, good-bye top incisors, especially the big crooked, snaggled one, attached memories not withstanding. After that, hello bridge.
me at home 1/30/2018
at home this evening, webcam selfie

By spring, I'll be willing to smile for a camera, participate visibly in a +Virtually Connecting Hangout, raise my hand to +Bryan Alexander for #FTTE Forum podium time.

What else? Actually a lot, less personal, more broadly significant. For one, The State of the Union vs the state of my mouth. I've been watching live accompanied by various commentaries (none mainstream) for multiple perspectives -- but missed the 2018 SotU Drinking Game.

Capitol building image for 2018 State of the Union

And a good thing too. After posting this (and giving myself a brief brain break), I have a letter of support to finish for a friend's RFP and project to make a difference for marginalized populations across the state. Words in the service of deeds.

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  1. LOVE your selfie :)

    1. Thank you. The relatively low resolution on the laptop webcam makes a more flattering photo than the one on my iPhone. Android doesn't have the same resolution and is also more flattering.