Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a new look for work & life

…I took down the barbed wire and changed the graphic to reflect re-purposing, not that W&L was ever 'purposed' in the first place. The barbed wire didn't background bother me but did raised the occasional reader cringe outside southwest rancher country. Besides, it hardly fit Rhizomatic Learning (essence of free range, don't-fence-me-in openness), MultiMOOC or anything EVO

So first comes the re-purposing, then the redecorating, introduction (of sorts), and the declaring. That post is underway....busy spreading roots... popping around to the FB groups and G+ Communities, populating my feed reader with #rhizo blogs, noting and greeting familiar faces. and the more visual/Vizify vcv bio should cover that while I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing here anyway...let alone wtf was I thinking? signing up for a clutch of x's

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