Sunday, January 5, 2014

#Learning: Work or Life?

…This blog needs a job, so I assigned (drafted) it to be my #POTcert blog. It fits blog title and mission: teaching and learning have been such a significant part of my life that I can't let of them even in retirement. Learning, like digital ankle biting, makes a fine retirement obsession. Better than tatting or quilting. Besides, who knows, I just might do some good with both.

POT = Program for Online Teaching; whereas, "cert" is for the certificate I am not interested in. The course cover tools and pedagogy of teaching online. I expect discussions and links garnered from G+ to further illuminate course reflections.

After two years following, I missed the 2103 fall semester due to access and connectivity problems. Now I have high speed (cringing at the prospect of installation and winter heating bills decimating my SS pittance) and am looking forward to catching up with the edtech I could not always access let alone run. Both courses will be sources of help with glitches and answers to questions.Overall, the EVO (Electronic Village Online) workshops tend to a more congenial atmosphere because they are less workshops or courses that part of a Community of Practice.

With a bit of nipping and tucking, I hope to tailor course and blog to my still amorphous "Mountainair #GetSmarter" project (which I hope will spill over into the online, self-paced ESL study group at Blogging English. Whether or not it will suit Vance Steven's Multi(literacies)MOOC remains to be seen.

Both are excellent opportunities for educator PD and brushing up edtech skill and learning about/using new apps. For those purposes I will recommend both locally with the #GetSmarter tag and to adjuncts as affordable PD -- and  for them to take charge of their because their colleges and unis aren't going to spring for it. Get real. If they do, it won't be as good as either of these.

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