Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week2: #rhizo14 Diigo group

…from the Nomad War Machine
…Jan26 weekly post, courtesy of Diigo's ever so useful auto-blogging feature. Otherwise, weekly course blogging would suffer mightily. I almost managed one yesterday. When flash crashed the browser mid-post, I took it as an omen and desisted. Today, I was going to embed and introduce the Week 2 Enforcing Independence YouTube clip with the comment about this being oxymoron week but realized that has been every week so far...both of them.

no, not declaring yet—still orienting
As I mentioned last week, I've been thinking of other ways and places to use the feature. Although the intro/commentary + something visual is a good basic model, I'm still experimenting before taking it on the road with another blog. What then, I wonder, would be the odds of getting Joe Berry to use it for COCAL Updates...slim to none I suspect. That's being too optimistic. Is this a digression from the rhizomatic path? Indeed, but what could be more rhizomatic than that? The path is never straight or narrow. 

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  1. Wow. This is a treasure, Vanessa. Lots of reading, deterritorializing, and reterritorializing here. Thanks. I think. :-)