Saturday, January 18, 2014

from the Diigo #rhizo14 group (weekly)

…first try with Diigo auto-blogging feature works nicely, even if format aesthetics leave something to be desired. No pictures but I can "fix" that by remembering -- or trying -- to post a few images during the week and, especially, one Saturday evening. There are also a lot of links and annotations, making for a long post. What I need to do then is come on Sunday morning -- like now -- to add a head note, image, page break, whatever...

course image
By way of quick recap, this is Week 1 of Dave Cormier's Rhizomatic Learning ("the community is the curriculum") on P2PU. Our mission for this week has been to declare, connect and get acquainted, with a special assignment, cheating to learn. "Headquartered" (pomo irony intended) -- extreme oxymoron alert) on Dave's Educational Blog ("education, post-structuralism and the rise of the machines") and the P2PU course page linked above, Rhizo L has outposts (colonies? independent affinities?) on G+, Facebook, multiple blogs (like this one among many others) and throughout the twittisphere at the #rhizo14 tag. A rhizomatic network indeed!  

PS the next mission (this week's, starting today) is to mobilize our twitter-connecting and review Week 1. And now...onto the abundance of links, annotated pages (some at least), tags, discussion (in the Diigo group)

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Rhizome14 group favorite links are here.

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