Tuesday, May 2, 2017

(mis)adventures with an iPhone Tuesday #sol17

Image result for iphone 5sI'd tell you more about them if, a) I had started sooner, and b) I weren't still having them.

The short version: my son gave me an iPhone 5s. Although I have been online since the early 90s, blogging since 2006 and social media soon after, this is absolutely my first mobile device. Not even an old style un-smart cell phone. Everyone I knew online had one and many may have assumed that every else did. I didn't because I couldn't afford but one device. Wrong side of the digital divide. I managed OK, most of the time on dial-up at that.

Anyway as I am about to cross the divide...misadventures, of course. Monty Python gets connected.

After fits getting the device loose from one carrier, there have been problems activating it with another. A solution is in the works, but until then I am working with a loaner to get myself oriented. Still "having misadventures" covers fat fingers on an itsy bitsy keypad (makes so much take much more than twice as long) and already have to retrieve my brand spanking new Apple ID because (distracted by frustration) I wrote down my password but not the ID (apparently not as obvious as it seemed to me at the time).

Now back to retrieving that ID and then reading, watching more YouTube guides. For seniors and beginners. But mostly exploring.

There is something both humbling and instructive about having to start from ground zero. Misadventures are, after all, still adventures...


  1. I think you will really like it once you get used to it. I had a dumb phone long after most moved on. Then I got a smart phone that turned out to be totally dumb...according to my daughter who had the same one ( it was affordable). Then I broke down and got an iPhone, and I can't believe how much I use it! And enjoy it.

    1. I've had no cell phone, odd as that might sound about someone a deep into digital media as I am. That means starting from scratch (or 2007). I'm game and, after the rocky start of just about everything going awry, not stressing over it.

  2. good for you!!!!!!