Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#DigCiz 2017 & another #sol17 Tuesday

and now to  at the very least  think about blogging in general and today's blog post in particular. For now, I'll read and comment on other Tuesday blog posts. As (or if) post ideas come to me, I'll throw them at the compose screen until one sticks. Templates are always an option. I've been saving ones I like but tend to forget about them come blogging time. I've been thinking about these today:

view of cabins at Slatter's Court, Davis CA

Develop "places along the way" post about Slatter's Court (above) where I lived 1993-99 when in grad school at UC Davis.

Reflect on #DigCiz 2017 and invite #TWTblog/gers to join the conversation. It started today with sharing #4wordstories on twitter to initiate "conversation about what good citizenship means in participatory spaces for #DigCiz" with elements of/questions about spectacle, participatory spaces, citizenship, authentic but respectful communication

Image result for digital citizenship, showing use of social and digital media on different platforms and devices

That led me to alternatives for citizenship/being a good citizen: Mensch, mentsh, Mentshlekhkeyt (Yiddish), Humanitas (Latin for the ultimate colonialist, imperial version), φιλανθρωπία (Greek philanthrôpía, loving what makes us human), humanist. Why not just plain human? What are the comparable words in other language families? Indigenous and other non-European languages?

Parts of this rambling reflection/thinking in text ended up in a 150 word comment (awaiting approval) on Bonnie Stewart's blog post, "The Crosshairs of the Split Hairs: #digciz"

So notes on what to blog turned into the post itself -- another ramble, disjointed and mostly about this iteration of the recurring #DigCiz conversation. Another time I can write another, separate post just about Slatter's Court, Davis and graduate school at UC Davis. Now to add another image and get this puppy posted.

Until March 2018 and the next month long challenge, Two Writing Teachers community bloggers share and comment on weekly slice of life posts every Tuesday by the same EST witching hour deadline. Writing habits and reasons vary but not the commitment or at least intent to blog and link a slice every Tuesday. If we miss the mark, there will be another next week. Read this week's Tuesday slices here.


  1. The photo that you placed here seems to have a story all its own. What beautiful roses!

    1. I'm sure it does -- speaking for all the gardeners and flowers at the Court. There were rosebushes all over. I inherited one there too -- not as grand as the one pictured, more like the one outside my back door. And a vast variety of other flowers -- even orchids.

  2. I'm thinking of "buena gente" or "good people" as in "She's good people."

    1. That would be a good choice, Wendy. I haven't heard either in years but remember them well. I wonder if indigenous languages might use a similar structure in the absence of nationalist traditions.