Tuesday, May 23, 2017

thinking about #sol17, the week, hanging in there & blogging

…not just here but on my other blogs. The March challenge lifted them up some but not as much as hoped. Reading and commenting on blog posts and social media is still up and holding. That matters just as much and may be even more important. Just now, reading Melanie Meehan's sol17 post reminded me of the importance of just getting going when you're overloaded and bogged down. That I am.  Speaking of overload, I could have blogged about 'guerrilla educationist' projects -- should have and will. Today though, a head transplant sounds more appealing.

pop art eye
The past week has been a combination of unseasonable weather and healthcare, starting with the second (left eye) cataract surgery last Friday. Sinusitis hit Sunday. It's hard to think about anything but my sinuses. Yesterday too. Today is better. Marginally.

Since I've been without for years (actually, more like several decades), I'm playing catch-up. General wellness, eyes, breathing (down to 38%, just started that), and teeth.

So hey there sinuses draining into my root canal, wait your turn.

Slice of Life blogging challenge badge for free for all, unplanned blogging e.g. by the seat of your pant

Post-March slicing moved from daily to weekly with Tuesday slices. Same submission schedule. Late Night Slicer, Pantser and perennial procrastinator by habit and inclination, I quit worrying and embraced my inner owl and free for all blogging by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it turns out better than others. Whatever your writing clock and blogging tendency,  slice  and share any or every Tuesday. 

Read today's Tuesday slices here.

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