Sunday, March 15, 2015

#SoL15 Day 15: midway & blogging through

…today is midpoint in Two Writing Teachers' annual month long blogging challenge (a post a day plus at least three comments on other blog posts) and the Ides of March to boot. Everybody in else in the challenge already knows this. For anyone else who might drop by, it's a quick recap and segue into the day's post. St Patrick's Day is Tuesday, but I'm Welsh and St David's Day was March 1.

"Midway" also speaks to midways at state and county fairs, carnivals with rides and cotton candy.

Should I do anything special for the day? The SoL blogging challenge is as much or more about reading other blogs, commenting, and responding to comments on both our own and others as our own blogging. Blogging invites conversation. The process makes new connections and creates new slices in the form of conversations.

Participating in Tuesday's weekly slice will undoubtedly be an outcome of the month's challenge. which may not be my favorite word but deadlines do move us. The challenge itself is more personal than competitive -- or rather, competing against myself. In that spirit, post too late to count means I still count it. Missed posts (as in the night of the frozen cursor) get made up with a not-in-the -least-serious post backdated to the appropriate day. One was on "As Time Goes By" in the movie Casablanca. Another "lost time" post (in drafts) features Dali's watches. Miss more and there is still Proust. Not that the idea is to miss posts...

Otherwise, how will I (and/or my writing benefit from the challenge? I'm not sure but am enjoying the break. The challenge also supposed to be a tune up for other blogging. News/information adjunct blogging on Tumbler aside, that has not happened. I did some housekeeping/structural tweaking on my community blog network, adding (oh no not) another blog just for newsletters.

I'm also in the Public Education Bloggers Network. There is nothing comparable to either project among adjunct/contingent faculty bloggers. I wish there were.

Slice of LIfe I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: blogging a slice a day for all of March.  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Visit the site to read some slices


  1. I like reconceptualizing time in blogging spaces ... we go where our words take us.

    1. and reconceptualizing the blogging spaces as third spaces ~ the when can be iffy but we can get there eventually ~