Monday, March 9, 2015

#SoL15: Day 9…chaos or a post in search of a topic

…or theme. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this one is worth at least a monograph. Plus I'm going to re-blog the original post elsewhere. My normal day usually looks a lot like this...and then multiply that for the month of February going forward through this past week.

The Ultimate Social Media Diagram? by Tom Cunniff, 2008

In case you want to download a really BIG version of “social media mess,” just click the link and link back to the original page.  About this magnificent display of chaos, Cunniff writes (and more but you'll just have to go to the page to read it. 
What I really AM saying is that when media fragments into this many teeny pieces, it’s confusing as hell. It’s The Humpty-Dumpty Problem. 
Which pieces matter? Which can we ignore? How can we re-aggregate the important pieces into a marketplace that’s large enough to be meaningful...? 
And, on a very practical basis, how many individual conversations can we afford to support? How many can we hope to conduct without making each one so shallow that it’s hugely unsatisfying for everyone? 
I don’t have the answers, yet..... If I did, I’d put up a simpler diagram.
That's about what I have to say tonight. Now I'm going to post this, then write a few emails and, if I am still trucking, post an equally short (or even shorter) post on precarious faculty. That may even be the secret of training myself to write shorter posts

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  1. Do I so identify with that diagram. I am up late too because I can't focus sometimes. Focus is hard to come by when you have so much Social Media to look at. Sometimes, I think I am trying to hard and then I can't seem to figure out what to do first? I almost missed tonight and did not post all week to the challenge. How is your challenge coming?

  2. I'm wrestling with that it seems, so are you! SOL is certainly a challenge. Blog on, Vanessa. Appreciate your being in community!

  3. That is quite the graphic! I need paper when I brainstorm- lol.

  4. Hanging in there, Mary --

    yup to all ~ that graphic speaks to most of us. The digital version of the "Bless This Messy House" plaques