Friday, March 27, 2015

#SoL15 Day 27: writing to machines

I did not, after all ~ thought or not, post to precarious faculty last night, although today I added to the Reading Room thereThe omission was more about garden variety procrastination and running out of focus for the day than nothing to blog about. If anything, there would be too much.

 I have been writing mornings (at least one good habit getting set as I still cannot say the same for positing), starting the day with 750 Words. Today I realized I have two accounts. Do I finish the month on this one or the other? Can I transfer this month to the other? I wrote 750 Words about the problem after retrieving the password for the original account. "Accounts correspondence" is the ultimate genre of modern frustration.  On top of  everything else, machines read it, not humans. 

This morning I had to write two such "Dear Machine" letters ~ another about computer software not activating. That problem I solved on my own ~ fortuitously so. The machine has yet to write back. By comparison, keyboard workarounds are frustration free.  It may also be best not to think too long or too hard on the implications for audience or reception theories such as reader reader response.

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  1. Bravo! 750 words is a talk awarding applause. Keep writing. Write for you. Write to capture the brilliant lines in between the ordinary.