Sunday, March 8, 2015

#SoL15: Mar8 #IWD2015 social media project

Happy International Women's Day
Photo from Katkura HT Frances Bell
…Today's project, plus slicing it, word-weaves a number of threads: using social media in a positive way, doing something for 2015 International Women's Day, adapting Raul Pacheco's  hashtag as response to the intrinsic misogyny embedded in social structures, represented here by "academic scholarship" but not limited to it.

For those unfamiliar with 's popular hashtag, here's his original post via

My use started this morning when I re-blogged "Why People Are So Mean" from Μια εσωστρεφής to As the Adjunctiverse Turns.

To introduce the post, I wrote:
More thoughts on cyber-meanness and positive approaches like #MakeItHappy to dealing with it. The post closes with this advice, “let’s pretend there is no virtual bully around you. If there is any, just avoid them.” 
Being pro-active in a positive way is another response: call out people you admire. On Twitter you can adapt the ubiquitous #FF or Follow Friday model.
For example, I just started “When #ScholarSunday falls on #IWD2015…” on @VanessaVaile (and will carry it to my other streams) to hail #femscholars ~ and not just higher-ed academics. My list includes all educators ~ independent, retired,, K12, ABE, former educators who are now activists/organizers, etc. So that probably needs another less Ivory Tower...
In other words, a less Ivory Tower specific hashtag would be a better fit, connect women across disciplines and professions. Knowledge seekers and sharers. Suggestions invited...

a few links:

Frauentag 1914 Heraus mit dem Frauenwahlrecht.jpgGerman poster for International Women's Day, March 8th, 1914:

English translation: “Give Us Women’s Suffrage. Women’s Day, March 8, 1914. Until now, prejudice and reactionary attitudes have denied full civic rights to women, who as workers, mothers, and citizens wholly fulfill their duty, who must pay their taxes to the state as well as the municipality. Fighting for this natural human right must be the firm, unwavering intention of every woman, every female worker. In this, no pause for rest, no respite is allowed. Come all, you women and girls, to the 9th public women’s assembly on Sunday, March 8, 1914, at 3pm.”

Slice of LIfe  I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Visit the site to read some slices


  1. A lot was going on today for Int'l Women's Day. Glad to see the marches in different places. You were certainly busy.

    1. And there was so much I didn't get to use either.... we need more than one day...