Thursday, March 26, 2015

#SoL15 Day 26: endgame, takeaways, postSoL

Thought about #SoL15 and today's post (this already way too meta): commenting; pushing through vs leaving or staying on your own terms. That means don't sweat stuff: you decide what is or not for you. Design participation expectations to fit your projects, plans or just personal inclinations ~ not the other way around. Turn (any) Blogging (or writing) Challenges (not just this one) into connectivist moocs.

Posting just under the wire or missing it aside, the commenting requirement has been the most useful part of SoL. The challenge revived a fading comment habit, making March more of a commenting refresher than a posting one.

Coming down to the final week, I have some takeaways in mind: writing shorter posts to a deadline or on minimum time; continuing to cultivate the commenting habit (to work, it should/must extend to commenting on other blogs in my network. Three a day seems realistic and low enough to have a shot at getting done; stay in the #SoL community for Tuesday Slices.

Afterthought: if I blog precarious faculty today, what would I blog about? What I've been doing post NAWD (besides taking a break blogging from the PF's mothership blog. Reminder about the constantly refreshing content on the blog sidebars, footers, newsreel and ~ and in the Reading Room. But as long as SoL is running, that is my priority.

Slice of LIfe I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: trying to blog a slice a day for all of March.  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Visit the site to read some slices

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  1. I see you made it in under the wire. :) I love your take on challenges. They are great, but can be used in the way that works best for accomplishing our personal goals. Great reminder that commenting on other blogs keeps us connected.